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At MS Benjarong, the art of making Benjarong ware starts with the painting of liquid gold,also widely known as "Lai Nam Thong"pattern on a vessel made from ceramic,porcelain or Bone China. The vessel is subsequently enamel-overglazed with colours and then fired in the kiln for several hours for colour brightness. Usaally, Benjarong ware is gilded to enhance the rich appearance.

              Apart from the popular Lai Nam Thong design , MS Benjarong is capable of producing Benjarong in a variety of Thai adaptations using different painting techniques, for instance, the mixture of Benjarong-styled pattern and the gold patterned with protrusion technique on matt surface objects. Luster oil can be applied to some items before painting to add a glossy look

             MS Benjarong was established in 1990 to produce and export top quality Benjarong warein difference patterns. We provide an impressive range of Benjarong ware such as coffee sets , teasets, floral vases, bowls and many more. Highly recognized for their exceptional quality, detail and unique beauty, our Benjarong ware can be used as graceful and luxury tableware, valuable collectibles, timeless souvenirs, as well as prestigious ornaments for home decoration. All pieces are elaborately crafted by Thai artisans and available at leading shops in Thailand.
สนใจสินค้า ติดต่อสอบถามได้ทาง 
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